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juin 10, 2008

YSL, don’t be so french anymore!

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YSL died. A great loss for the ARTS.

If you ever google: ‘YSL quotes’, you just love what you can read. Lost of quotes and words from YSL IN ENGLISH. Now, french-google: ‘YSL citations’, you feel that YSL belongs more to the world than to France and that the French just love their talented and gifted ones after they die; only a few quotes in french … Why? … Please, explain me why!

So enjoy and celebrate YSL in ENGLISH version and exercize your (De Gaulle) french accent on the quotes!

NOooooo ! I can’t leave you this way without quoting YSL at least once: « La mode est une maladie incurable« 

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  1. My favorite quote of Yves Saint Laurent is « Fashions fade, Style is eternal »

    Commentaire par Aline — février 1, 2011 @ 6:50 | Réponse

    • Thanks or Merci Aline, this is a great one. I miss YSL. Not sure we could not see a Mondrian/YSL short painted dress at the current Mondrian exhibition in Beaubourg/Pompidou… Cheers!

      Commentaire par chrislomon — février 1, 2011 @ 7:10 | Réponse

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